Need help ridding weeds from this type of layout

Hello, I am not very well versed in the field of landscaping, but am trying to help my mom with a project. A few years ago this whole mulched section was just grass, but it didn't grow so great because the tree's shading. So, we replaced the grass (which didn't grow) with a mulched off section for an added look. A few years it worked well, but the last couple or so the weeds have been a problem.

Could this be a mulching issue? Re-mulch every few years? She was thinking to replant grass and go back to the old ways (to prevent weeds), just with an attempted planned watering cycle. Would it be better to remulch, add landscape fabric/cloth, replant with grass/ sod. I have read that the fabrics aren't too effective after awhile

Thanks, all!

Here is a picture:

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French drain system installed before we bought our house is draining into the neighbors yard

Earlier today one of our neighbors complained that the pipe from our drianage system is draining into her backyard and eroding their fence. The system has been in place since 1999 (we bought the house in 2004) so it's strange to me that it's just now becoming an issue, but I feel obligated to fix it since I'm not sure if it's even legal to drain like that. However, I don't really know where to start. Im really not sure if it's worth the time and money to dig up our entire backyard to save one fence. I've talked to my dad about this and he said the system needs to be in place to save our crawl space from flooding, so we can't remove it or anything. The only thing I can think of is take more pipes and continue it through their yard and into the street?

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Pensacola Bahia question

I'm getting ready to seed my yard with Pensacola bahiagrass. I would like to seed it ASAP, but we're expecting rain in a couple days for about a week and a half.

Would it be okay for me to seed it now, or would I run the risk of unintentionally over-watering? Would it be better to wait until the rain is done and water it with my sprinklers?

My yard drians well. Puddles will form during the rain, but soak in very quickly once it stops. I'm also in central FL, if it matters.

Also, I've never worked with this grass before, so if anyone has other tips from all ears! 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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