I need options for the front of my home. Want to spruce up areas, but concerned about stopping rain runoff.

I just recently purchased my home and am looking for a way to bring a little life to the front of the house. I had thought of doing something simple like pavered areas full of rock. I am allergic to most of the world, so planting flowers/bushes is not in play. However a video my wife took of our kid playing in the rain brought to my attention that the area actually is where the rain runs off the roof and drains in the yard. If I start adding pavers, I may stop that flow.

I want to add the visual addition to these areas and keep the flow of the water (perhaps force it a bit further away from the foundation if possible). So suggestions are welcome. I hope this link works, and please no requests for artwork, I'm only a dabbler. http://ift.tt/29YlaZU

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city water main releases into yard and pond, best way to deal with it?


city water line ends and they have a 2 inch hose (no connector) coming out of manhole cover with a steady stream of water, maybe a few gallons per min on average, seems to go up and down.
water should be clean, but the mud stinks and the 3 trees nearest the flow are dead.
the distances seem off in the picture, it about 50 feet from main to ditch.
ideas we had so far
50' 4" solid pipe, straight shot to the ditch, and hope the travel down the ditch cleans it up a bit, better for hillside, worst for pond maybe.
100' of 4" corrugated drain pipe, parallel the road then turn into the yard. could be better for the pond, but would take water closer to some very old trees that want to keep.
dig trench and fill with rock to the ditch, could be eyesore
any other ideas?

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Ideas for a backyard that hasn’t been cared for in years.

I recently bought a house whose previous owner hated doing any kind of work outdoors so I'm now left with a big pile of dirty gravel and a grand total of 2 plants (potted ones in my photos were purchased last week). My questions are:

  1. What can I plant beside the big tree near the fence? Practically the entire backyard has partial shade all day.

  2. What are my options regarding cleaning up the gravel? I've read that some people might haul it away for free but it's covered in dirt and other yard waste.

  3. What kind of cheap edging should I use between the soil and stone patio?

And finally:

  1. Should I plant sod in a shaded backyard?

Pics: http://ift.tt/29tXXxN

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