My front yard was previously owned by someone with horrible taste. Help!

This house, which we bought a year ago, was owned by an older woman who decorated the house with plates and dolls when she lived here. We would very much like to give it more curb appeal. We'll be fencing off the side yard, but the front of the house needs help.

Since these pictures were taken, we've painted the front door a shade of teal.

Here are things I'm already planning on changing:

  • Remove the weird lone rose bush in the middle of the lawn
  • Take out the (now) overgrown lilac bush under the two small windows on the left and the lilac bush to the right of the driveway
  • Add some width to the driveway so two cars can park side-by-side
  • Re-roofing, but unsure of which color to go with

Some maybes:

  • Removing the single light post in lieu of something more subtle
  • Window boxes
  • Wooden front door and garage door
  • Pavers from the front concrete porch to the driveway

As far as landscaping, I'm really in the mood to garden this year, so I'd love to hear your ideas to add some charm to this place.

Also, we're on the corner of two busy roads, so if we might somehow get some noise control via plants or a short fence etc., I'm hoping it would ease the loud car sounds that make it into the house.

I'm grateful for any suggestions this community has!

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Variegated vinca major in rocks

I have a large area (15'x30') of rocks between two driveways at my house. The previous owner had very little planted there and it looks pretty drab and ugly. We are wanting to put down some type of ground cover and like the idea of vinca major 'Variegata'. My only concern is how well it will spread with a layer of rock on the ground. The rock isn't incredibly deep, but there really aren't many/any bare spots. Any insight?

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How to remove grass for new flower bed

Hi everyone,

I currently have zero landscaping at my new home and the grass comes right up to the foundation. I am planning to edge out some beds to plants shrubs and mulch around the perimeter of the house. What it the best way to remove the grass before starting? I've heard and read various methods including roundup, digging up the grass, covering it with cardboard, etc.

I don't mind labor intensive, I'm somewhat experienced, and have budgeted no more than $50 for the grass removal.

Thanks for the help!

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Suggestions on wildflowers that reseed

I have a small strip of wildflowers at the edge of my landscape that is surrounded by grass lawn. I keep the wildflower strip weeded, and I'd like to plant some wildflowers that reseed heavily and cover up some of the existing bare patches of ground in this strip. I was thinking of using black eyed-susans and anise hyssop for this purpose. Does anyone have comments or suggestions on my choice of plants? Thanks in advance!

The existing wildflowers that are already growing in the strip are large, herbaceous perennial wildflowers such as purple coneflower, butterfly weed, and rattlesnake master.

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HELP NEEDED: Lawn Care Plan for 2016

Hello! I currently have a large size backyard and small size front/side yard. I’m located in Indianapolis, IN. The house was built in 2010 and sod was put down on crappy clay soil mixed with pieces of concrete and rock as the builders didn’t care (typical cookie cutter neighborhood). I’ve been trying to get a nice looking, lush green yard for 6 years now and I keep failing/not getting anywhere. I tried to do as much research as possible and come up with a plan for the year to follow to get a better yard. However, I am in no means an expert and I’m not 100% sure if my plan will work or needs adjustments, etc. I would welcome any input, thoughts, and/or feedback on my plan below as time is quickly approaching and I would like to have everything organized/ready to go. Thanks in advance!

April 9th

  • Dethatch & aerate yard
  • Should I hire a company or go through rental company to do it myself?

April 16th

  • Lay down 1 inch of Scotts Lawn Soil over the entire yard
  • Over seed yard with Scotts eZseed
  • Lightly rake over/through new lawn soil/seed to get in holes pulled up during aerating previous week

April 30th

  • Lay down new mulch in flower beds
  • Any mulch suggestions?

May 7th

  • Plant flowers in flower beds
  • Any suggestions for really nice perennials?

May 28th

  • Put Scotts Weed & Feed down

July 2nd

  • Put Scotts Crab grass control/preventer down

July 30th

  • Put Scotts Weed & Feed down

September 3rd

  • Dethatch (if needed) & aerate yard

September 10th

  • Lay down 1 inch of Scotts Lawn Soil over the entire yard
  • Over seed yard with Scotts eZseed
  • Lightly rake over/through new lawn soil/seed to get in holes pulled up during aerating previous week

October 15th

  • Put Scotts Winterguard fertilizer down

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