How did we do on our lawn renovation? Still a work in progress.

How did we do on our lawn renovation? Still a work in progress. submitted by /u/Soezin
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Planting a 10′ silver maple with a very slight lean in it

Should I do anything about it? From what i read it is best to not stake the tree as letting it naturally fight the wind will encourage a thicker trunk while limiting the growth of the branches to aid it's longevity.

Should i face the lean in any certain direction, into the wind, towards the sunrise/set?


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Simple Centerpieces for Spring Settings

With two dining room tables in my home (one in my dining room and one in my office), I’m always trying to think of unique and beautiful ways to style them. I like to switch things up with the seasons, so that’s eight ideas a year. Fortunately I like styling (and shopping.)

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, I spotted these two large glass hurricanes. I was immediately attracted to their shape. I also knew that the large scale would make a bold statement on my dining room table. Into my cart they went along with a couple big white pillar candles.

simple spring centerpiece 1

Photo by Inspired by Charm

My thought was to simply fill the globes with sand, incorporate a hint of color, and pop the pair on my table. And that’s exactly what I did.

fresh centerpiece idea

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Too perfect, right? Design doesn’t have to be complicated. This is a classic idea, but the fun shape of the hurricanes and a touch of moss (my hint of color) make it fresh. Putting these together isn’t complicated, but let me walk you through the steps.

First, prepare your glass hurricanes by removing any stickers and giving them a good cleaning.

Next, add sand. I used play sand that I picked up at the home improvement store for less than $5. Fill your hurricanes about 1/4 of the way up.

simple spring centerpiece 2

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Then, even out the sand with your hands.

simple spring centerpiece 3

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Next, pop in a candle. I like to tuck about 1/2 of the candle into the sand.

simple spring centerpiece 4

Photo by Inspired by Charm

I chose large three-wick candles that work well with the size of these hurricanes.

Quick tip: Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to about a quarter inch. This will keep the flame from getting too high which will also give you more burning time.

candle wick trim

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Finally, for a little color, I added green reindeer moss. You can leave this out, but I think it’s a fresh touch for spring. Plus, the color works nicely in my dining room.

simple spring centerpiece 5

Photo by Inspired by Charm

And voila! The centerpiece is complete.

spring candle centerpiece

Photo by Inspired by Charm

I grounded the hurricanes with a runner and tucked in a stack of plates next to one of them. As much as I love symmetry, I think a little something extra adds interest when you are working with pairs.

Now, as great as these look as is, the magic really happens when you light the candles.

lighting a candle

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Instant ambience. I love the lit candle nestled in a glass jar with the reflection from the glass. You get double the sparkle. Who doesn’t like that? As you can imagine, these give a beautiful warm glow to cool spring evenings.

glass hurricane centerpiece

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Spring centerpiece complete. That’s one of eight ideas I’ll need this year. Seven more to go.

How do you style your dining table for spring?

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Rooms With a View: In the Swim

Overlooking the Choptank River in Trappe, Maryland, a traditional home with contemporary interiors has a wide veranda where the owners frequently entertain. Designer Fiona Newell Weeks wanted to complement the indoor décor by selecting outdoor furnishings that are crisp, with classic modern lines. Weeks chose McKinnon & Harris chairs and thick cushions in hot-pink Sunbrella fabric that provides “a splash of color for fun.” A decorative trellis adds architectural interest without blocking the view. ”The wife,” says Weeks, “is a ship’s pilot who swims daily when it’s warm out.”

Design & Photography: Fiona Newell Weeks, Dwelling & Design, Easton, Maryland. Landscape Design: Lisa Hageman, Lisa C. Hageman, ASLA, Oxford, Maryland. End Panels: Mark Fleetwood, Hanlon Design Builders, Easton, Maryland.

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