Laying gravel, what do I need to consider?

Hey all,

I want to put gravel into my backyard (phx, az) and I am trying to figure out how to best approach this. I want to use the landscaping fabric under the rock to help prevent weeds. Is this a good idea? What kind should I use if so?

I am also trying to figure out exactly how much height-wise I need to dig out in the area I am laying the gravel… Generally, I am seeing 6". Is that too much? Too little?

Thanks for your input.

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Bagged mulch undersized?

I bought about 10 yards (135 bags) of mulch from Menards when it went on sale for $2.97. I have a cheap 4×8 harbor freight trailer (with 17"-high 2×4 sides) that I used to get the bags home. It worked really well and I could get about 30 bags in each load.

After I finished all the work, I started thinking. I measured the trailer and got 93 x 46 x 17 which works out to 42 cubic feet which means I should have only been able to fit 21 bags. How is it that I fit 30?

Is the 2 cu. ft. measurement "nominal" like how 2x4s are really 1.5 x 3.5? What am I missing?

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How to Style a Bookcase

This week’s guest blogger is Reesa Ali of Mod Max Glam.

Your bookcase is a lot more than a place to stash your favorite books, magazines and stationery. I like to treat it as the ultimate way to display and showcase the objects and souvenirs I’ve collected over the years. And by that I mean my many, many trips to HomeGoods!

Styling a bookcase 1

Photo by Mod Max Glam

Decorating and styling a bookcase starts with organization, and removing clutter is the first task on the agenda. I use large boxes to store small items and magazine holders to store folders, papers, documents etc. It’s all about keeping things organized and easy to find!

Styling a bookcase 2

Photo by Mod Max Glam

Next comes the pretty part: styling. For this white bookcase, I wanted to keep things clean and elegant, so I chose to keep everything white with pops of beautiful metallic silver. I grouped books together on one side and then added decorative accessories found at HomeGoods, such as this gorgeous faux silver coral and clock. I also love to stack books and place a decorative item, such as a porcelain jar or semi-precious calcite geode, on top.

Styling a bookcase 4

Photo by Mod Max Glam

Decorative boxes are a must for any respectable bookcase and I have a varied collection from mirrored glass boxes to ceramic to even one that looks like a book. It’s all about finding decorative storage that provides both function and style! Ceramic vases can also add loads of style and make a statement to your storage, such as this white vase I placed at the top. It adds a clean elegance that I adore when it comes to décor.

Styling a bookcase 5

Photo by Mod Max Glam

Finally, when it comes to styling a bookcase, remember that it’s all about highlighting and accentuating the items you already have. Adding small, decorative objects to books and stationery will help to create a cohesive, curated look that professional designers often do. Plus, the overall effect will be a gorgeous bookcase with lots of visual interest and wow-factor!

What are your favorite ways to decorate a bookcase? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Reesa Ali created Mod Max Glam for the chic, intelligent and adventurous girl on the go. It’s her destination to discover inspiration in fashion, beauty, entertaining and stylish living.

What’s the safest way to eradicate poison ivy and poison oak if you’re allergic to it?

I'm trying to put in an edible forest in the thicket of woods across from my house, but I found out this morning when I was scoping the site that it is absolutely ate up with poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.

Unfortunately, I ran into some of this the other weekend when I was putting in flower beds in the back and had a terrible reaction to it – ended up with a huge red welt across half my face and all down my right forearm/upper right arm. Never ran into it really before, but apparently I'm super allergic to it. I still have welts breaking out between my fingers and on my upper arm and it's been a week ago now with multiple washings and treatments of cortisone cream.

I am thinking about going back out with a long-sleeved shirt on and thick gloves, but any ideas on how to protect my face? What's the safest way to protect myself while I'm pulling all this stuff out so I don't get sick again? There's a lot of it, so I'm going to have a lot of exposure. Will it hurt you to breathe it in if you burn it?

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