The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Yard (Cleaning Up Leaves)

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Valentine’s Day Accents For Your Home

Before I was married, Valentine’s Day was a more challenging holiday to commemorate. In addition to my parents reminding me that I wasn’t yet hitched, I had Hallmark and most storefronts on my morning coffee run also pointing out that I still hadn’t found Mr. Right. Being a romantic, I did love elements of Valentine’ Day—the flowers, decorative candles, candy, and romantic films with Ryan Gosling. Now married, I can formally celebrate Valentine’s Day with my own love and rely on HomeGoods and a little help from Cupid to dress up our place.

From decorative pieces and candles to sweet treats, HomeGoods has the right mix to make you fall in love. So enjoy and sending you all some love this Valentine’s Day, my darlings. And be sure to say hello to Mr. Gosling from an old friend.


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Need to regrade backyard due to draining issues, does this make sense? Pic included.

So! I have a leak in my basement, its obviously from to much water just draining towards the house. I met with a landscaper in the hopes of just getting a new french drain/trench drain installed. He said we should just start with regrading. What he said specifically was "digging the bank back some, and getting the water back further from the house and run that slope out into the yard". Does that make sense? Here is the picture of my riduclous grade into the side of my house, the back yard slopes toward the house behind this but is not nearly as drastic.

Also, what do you think a fair price of this would be? I know there are a million variables to this.

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Must-Have Accessories For Your Home Office

For some time now, home offices have been trending. For those who work from home, it’s the perfect space to isolate yourself from home chores and any day-to-day distractions, but sometimes it can be a reserved area to pay the bills, practice a hobby, or to simply write a novel… or like me, a blog!

The identity of your home office space will directly relate with your lifestyle and profession. Each one of these rooms are unique, but have the common purpose of making you feel comfortable with a home-like twist. This is your opportunity to hang that wall art that you know makes you happy or to place that sculpture that you only understand the meaning! If you are new to working from your home office, now is the chance to use a fur-covered chair—so glamorous!

Looking to update your home office? I’ve curated some accessories and furniture pieces that might talk to your style, all and more available at your HomeGoods.

Home Office accessories 2 Create a vintage-inspired look in your home office space by using furniture in dark woods and, on the walls, some old maps or memorabilia. Keeping important documents stored is the key to an organized area. Choose storage options in materials such as wood, wire, or aluminum for industrial appeal.
Home Office accessories 1 The possibilities are endless when creating a “mix-and-match” design in your home office decor. When selecting the pieces, try thinking of your favorite color or play with different forms (lines, circles, etc.).  Another way you can create an interesting area is by mixing textures: Choose a rough reclaimed wooden desk and tone it down with a soft muted fabric on the chair.


Gloribell Lebron is an interior stylist and designer with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. She is also a blogger at I Don’t Know How She Does It. (Find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.)

Looking for advice on walled garden

New homeowner in Denver CO, looking for advice on landscaping our backyard! We're just finishing our interior renovations and plan on tackling the backyard once the snow melts.

This is the best photo I have of our backyard before the snow:

We've cleared out a lot since then, removing the playground, car hood, brush, etc. We plan on replacing the fence, but I'm unsure on what to do with the walled garden. The walled garden pretty much wraps around the perimeter of the yard, and consists of buried cinder blocks with 20 year old crumbling brick on top and river rock in the garden beds.

Ultimately the plan is to utilize these areas as gardens, but also plant a few trees + tall terraces to block out the back neighbors.

Considering the desire to garden and add privacy, what are my best options for restoration?

A few ideas I have are: 1) Rent a bobcat and rip everything out and start from scratch (expensive and not my favorite)

2) Remove hte top layer of red brick (comes off relatively easily with a sledge hammer) and mortar a new, more modern brick/stone, and top off with new river rock

3) "Cover" the cinder block/brick with a newer stone, creating a "shell" around the old, with a look similar to this:


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