Rough idea of a plan for my shop

the yellow things are trinettes, the tall red things are tis, and the border things are ruellias. what do you think? that's the south side, so it'll be quite sunny till around 5ish.

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Grass seeding (I think) can this be beneficial?

I didn't get to my backyard before all the rain we got this week. The grass went crazy and now has little stalks (I don't if that's the correct word) shooting up with what looks like seeds on the end. I was wondering if that's whats going on and if this could be beneficial (as in over seeding). Going to raise my deck and cut tonight so I didn't know if it would spread them.


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What kind of weeds are these


I have found some weeds in my yard… well no, i have found grass in my weedpile. However, i want to kill the following weeds. I put pre-emergent crabgrass down, yet this seems like it is crabgrass. Maybe its tall fescue?

Some of this is also found in areas where its very bright green grass. I have multiple circles of bright green grass. I live in wisconsin so i think its zone 8 and the grass should be kentucky bluegrass.

Additionally, i have found the following dried seeds all over my yard.


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Help with yard layout

Hey /r/ landscaping, first time over here. Figured you all could help me out.

Trying to create a design for a friend. Space we're working with is 100' x 100'.

The home owner is trying to renovate their yard without spending a whole bunch. I'm going to put in a small grass area, a nice path and a rear patio; however, that leaves me with a lot of space!!

What are some inexpensive ways to take up space?

I'm aware of pine straw and mulch, what are some other options?

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Some Landscaping/Garden Advise please

I'm trying to re-model my garden at the moment. I think I've come up with something that works but perhaps I could have some comments on if theirs anything else you'd advise.

Currently it looks like this:

I think something like this is an improvement:

Please excuse the blocky nature of some of the items. I got a little bored/frustrated with not coming up with the answer to the layout. The questionable items are 2 garden sofas outside the back door, a 8 person table, and behind the shed a wood store for our wood burner. I'm thinking Indian sandstone for the hard landscaped area (cost dependent) with a level access to the back door (which will eventually become sliding doors.

I've been instructed by my other half that she wants to keep the Willow (until it gets too big) and I want to keep my workshop/shed. Other than that I'm open to suggestions.

Some more info. We're based in the UK, the garden is directly south facing, at the end of the garden is a railway line/embankment.

Thanks for your help


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Foot friendly and frugal ground cover ideas?

I've moved into a rental with a back area consisting of large gravel that is not comfortable to walk on. I want to turn a portion into a bbq/seating/hanging out area, and my first order of business is to make the ground easier to walk on.

I'm into woodworking, but since it is a rental I don't want to go too overboard. I've seen pallets used before like this, but wanted to seek other opinions.

here is a photo of the area. I'm currently working on the garden beds, so no worries there! Any other ideas welcome!

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