Brick around foundation?

Bought a brand new house. Just got sod and it goes to the edge of house. Was thinking about putting in river rock around foundation but hear that eventually weeds will grow through it and its tough to mow around. What about putting bricks around foundation? Haven't seen any house with it really. Anyone do it? Something like this? . I live in MN btw, so gotta factor in frost.

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Zone 8 – Dry Cracked Soil

Hey everyone, I have a problem with my yard. I live in San Antonio, Texas (Zone 8). The soil on my quarter acre lot is extremely dry and cracked. In some areas, it's to the point where cracks are about 4 inches wide and go down at least a foot or two. I'm aware that back in the day, this area was most likely farm land, but my house was built in the 40's so it's obviously been years. My theory is that the soil on my lot hasn't been turned in some time. Tilling it seems like the best option, but I'm worried that if the soil is just dead and tired, it'll just go back to the way it was.

I was working on getting some grass to grow, but it seems I might need to turn it before I go any further with that.

Does anyone have any solutions or recommendations? Someone told me I should dump about 5 inches of sand on the yard before tilling it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Going Coastal in the Living Room

It’s official, I’ve gone coastal. Coastal accessories in my living room, that is. Want to join me? Here’s how it happened: I spotted some great pillows at HomeGoods that inspired a  host of new designs.

The pillows matched my wall color (Ocean Air) perfectly, so I had to have them. What I love about these pillows is that they have a hint of a coastal look without being blatant about it. The one I got for the chair might be my favorite.

going coastal-6
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

And could that throw be any more perfect? Then I found the white ceramic shell planter and filled it with an air plant arrangement.

going coastal-13
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

Love, love, love it. You see how it’s all coming together?

going coastal-7
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

Some coastal-inspired candles for the fireplace came next. Simple accessories suit my style best.

summer fireplace-11

Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

And of course, the silver tray on the ottoman needed a few special coastal accessories as well.

going coastal-3
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

Yes, my friends, you can even find shells at HomeGoods, and larger, bowl-sized shells to put them in.

going coastal-5
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

Mustn’t forget a little local touch with the San Francisco pillow.

going coastal-2
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

And there you go, a living room gone coastal for the summer!

going coastal-14
Photo by Joan Kosmachuk

Have I inspired you to go coastal too? Share your ideas for coast-inspired decorating and design in the comments!

Picked up a few landscaping/horticulture jobs this summer and LOVED it. What are my options for a career in this field?

So my question is, I really enjoy the landscaping I've done so far (weeding, garden coaching, hardscape/softscape design & installation- all as an independent advertising by word of mouth) and I'm interested in what my options would be to move forward as a landscaper. I think I'd prefer working with a company to going it on my own – I'm great at sales, knowledge, getting the work done, etc but I'm often overwhelmed by the business side of things. I also find agriculture related non-profits to be extremely attractive as a job prospect – community gardens, county extension, etc.

I'm heading back to school this fall for a degree – thinking dual majoring in Horticulture & Public Relations – what are your thoughts on this plan of action, pros of /r/landscaping!

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